"The German Christmas Market in Sapporo" first opened when Sapporo and Munich celebrated their 30th anniversary of sister city relations in 2002. Stop by and enjoy the romantic atmosphere with German-style booths and fantastical light decorations.

Nov. 25 (Sat.)>>
Dec. 24 (Sun.). 2017

Odori Park 2-chome


  • ●Käthe Wohlfahrt
  • ●Ampelmann Market
  • ●Keramik, Handarbeit
  • ●Demmers Teehaus & Snowdome
  • ●Tesoro Alpaca & Decoration
  • ●Romanov
  • ●Walkie Selection
  • ●Rasp Spice Decoration
  • ●Hakodate Christmas Factory
  • ●Christmas Card Collection 2017
  • ●Ash
  • ●Sapporo Sweets
  • ●Advance Club
  • ●Polish Pottery Shop
  • ●Tink Marche
  • ●Coropokkurin
  • ●Weinhaus Gerhardt
  • ●The Joy Luck Store
  • ●Shoya Glass Factory
  • ●Mother Ruth's Christmas Story(Kiki doll)
  • ●Teshigoto Ichi
  • ●Initiative Co.Ltd. St.Petersburg
  • ●Glass Gallery

  • ●Weißes Straßen café
  • ●Beer Hall Masuya
  • ●Markus' Christmas Café
  • ●San Sebastian X'mas Sweets & Dining
  • ●Sapporo Beer Garden
  • ●Café Rudolph
  • ●Schneeweiss
  • ●Himmel der Bayern
  • ●Otarubeer Leibspeise
  • ●Hansen Hot Drinks
  • ●Hansen's Almond Factory Germany Since 1930
  • ●Is Dining
  • ●Nether Land
  • ●Patisserie Freres
  • ●Dining Yamato


Outdoor Stage

The outdoor stage will have many events to be enjoyed by all ages such as choir, gospel, and Christmas song concerts.

Indoor Stage

In the indoor pavilion at the 2-chome venue, there will be many events and workshops introducing German culture and Munich, Sapporo´s sister city. Bianca Fuerst, the Sapporo environmental protection advisor, will host workshops on making Christmas decorations and mulled wine, and the coordinator for international relations from Germany will hold mini German language lessons.


One of the German Christmas Market´s main attractions is being able to visit a wide range of Christmas venders. Out of all those goods, there are items that you can only buy at this year´s Christmas Market. The official German Christmas souvenir items include mugs and pin designs that are exclusive to each year. We have also added new products to our line-up as well. Why not buy these gifts for yourself or your family and friends?

  • mug
  • folder
  • ball pen
  • pen case
  • masking tape
  • conpact mirror
  • puffy stickers